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Advantages and Disadvantages of UCash

Every kind of payment option, online or otherwise have attached to then some advantages and disadvantages, and Ucash is no different. Disadvantages and advantages are both attached to this quick and simple payment option. The disadvantages are quite simple to get rid of and the advantages are quite simply awesome for every kind of person, even those people who do not have a bank account, a credit card or a debit card. So here we mention some of these advantages and disadvantages regarding the payment option of Ucash voucher.

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One of the disadvantages of the Ucash voucher is that if it is lost, even though if some of the details regarding the lost voucher can be provided it can be replaced, it is like loosing cash. So, one has really to be extra careful, on where to place the Ucash voucher itself, and also where to place the 19-digit pin code which comes hand in hand with the voucher. The most difficulty in keeping a pin code safe is when one uses only part of the voucher, and the change of the voucher is sent to the person in a new 19-digit pin code.

On the other hand an advantage of Ucash voucher is that, since one those not need to have a bank account, a credit card or a debit card to purchase Ucash, one does not need either to use Ucash. So what does this means for a casino player or a person who wants to make an online payment using Ucash? Well for starters, that the person who desires to use Ucash to make a deposit or an online payment, does not need to give out any financial details an therefore is secure from fraud, even though one always has to be careful where to use a Ucash voucher since a site itself might be corrupted.

UCash Casino Advantages and Disavantages

Another advantage of Ucash is that the voucher can be used either in parts to make a smaller deposit or payment, or it can also be used combined with other vouchers to make a larger deposit. The only thing that one needs to do is to enter the 19-digit code of the voucher and the amount of the voucher the person wants to deposit, then the change of the remaining money of the voucher will be sent back in the form of a new 19-digit pin code. If one wants to make a larger deposit then one has to enter more then one 19-digit codes.

Another advantage is that Ucash can also be converted to any currency the owner of the Ucash voucher desires. So if One for example purchases a Ucash voucher in Euros and the gambling site in which that person desires to deposit does not accept Euros, then one can always use the money converting tool provided by Ucash to convert the voucher from Euros to lets say American Dollars. As we see here there are more advantages then disadvantages when one uses the online payment option of Ucash.

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