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Who are Ucash?
Ucash is a search term searched by a lot of people who do not realise that a spelling mistake is being made. Ucash is in reality Ukash, and they are a group of people who know that cash is indispensable and therefore have created an easy way to make an online deposit or payment with cash. They are based in the United Kingdom and are operable form 2001. Their parent company is Smart Voucher LTD, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authorities in the United Kingdom as an Electric Money Institution.

Why do people like using Ucash?
Ucash in reality is more known as Ukash, and people adore using Ucash because when one uses this online payment option, one does not need to have a credit card, a debit card, neither a bank account nor one needs to be of a certain age since there is no age restriction to purchase Ucash. This also means that no financial details need to be given out to make a deposit, so one does not need to be scared of any kind of fraud.

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How to keep one's Ucash Safe?
The Ucash voucher most commonly known as Ukash can be kept safe by Keeping it in a safe place and never giving out the 19-digit pin code that comes with it to be bale to use it. Also one has to make sure to use is on secure websites and if one decides to split the voucher, one has to be careful where to place the newly given 19-digit pin code for the change of the original voucher, so as not to loose it. Always remember that loosing a Ucash voucher is the same as loosing your wallet.

How does Ucash Work?
Using Ucash also known as Ukash is like using money in cash. When one desires to make an online deposit into an online casino, any other kind of gambling site or make any kind of online payment, the only thing one needs to do is to choose Ucash as the payment method and enter the 19-digit pin code that comes along with the voucher itself.

Where to spend Ucash?
Well spending Ucash which is one and the same with Ukash is very easy since it is widely accepted all over the globe. One is able to use Ucash to make a deposit into an online casino or in any other type of gambling site which accepts Ucash. Charities, to pay for online purchases, and pay fro services online one can also use the Ucash Voucher.

Who can use Ucash?
Any person who desires to use Ucash mostly known as Ukash can purchase and use this kind of online payment option. This is because it can be found from places all over the world and has no age restriction for those people who want to purchase Ucash. Plus one does not need a credit card or a debit card or even a bank account to purchase Ucash which makes it even more accessible to all people who wish to use it.

UCash Casino

How does Ucash stop under-age transaction to adult sites?
Ucash operates solely with websites that operate legally and are regulated by some financial authorities. Most of these companies like the gambling sites have an age verification system installed so as to prevent gambling or underage transactions.

What should one do if the Ucash voucher is being rejected?
Some steps should be checked if your payment with Ucash is being rejected. Steps like checking that the expiry date of the Ucash voucher has not expired, making sure that one is inserting the correct 19-digit pin code, recheck that the amount of the voucher covers the amount that is being paid or deposited. If the voucher is then still being rejected then one should contact Ucash's customer service.

How many Ucash vouchers can one spend at one time?
One is able to use any amount of Ucash vouchers desired. One has to though remember that each transaction is limited to a maximum value of 750 Euros.

What happens if a voucher is lost or if the details of the voucher are lost?
When one looses a Ucash voucher or the details of the Ucash voucher, it is like loosing cash. So if either of these above mentioned situations occurs, one can always get a replacement of the lost voucher or details. This is of course if one is able to provide Ucash customer service with details of the voucher, like for example the date of purchase, value of the voucher, place of purchase and proof of purchase. Then a replacement of the voucher will be issued 7 days after the date of the issue of the original voucher.

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