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How to make a Deposit with UCash

Ucash, which, as was already said previously, is one and the same with Ukash, is provided to you as a 19-digit pin code voucher. This payment option is provided as another way to substitute money, and this is because one cannot use real cash to pay online. But a lot of people are scared to use credit card or debit cards or bank accounts to pay online, this is because they are scared of giving out their financial details, and this does due to one not needing the above mentioned to purchase a Ucash voucher. All one needs is cash.

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So how can one make a deposit into an online casino, or any other gambling site desired, using the online payment option of Ucash. Well, the first thing to do is to purchase one of the Ucash vouchers. These vouchers are available in different amounts and can also be converted into different currencies. It's easy to find a Ucash voucher, from one of the 275,000 physical locations that have Ucash available to be exchanges for cash. Make sure that when the Ucash voucher is purchased, that the 19-digit-pin code is also present with the voucher.

Secondly, one has to choose an online casino on which one desires to play, some research about the casino itself, would not hurt. This research could provide you with information like if they offer a first deposit bonus, or even a bonus for the payment option used to make a deposit with. One can also make sure that the casino is reliable and not a fraud way to commit cyber crime and steal your money. The player who has chosen an online casino, that offers all his or her favourite games to play on, has also to make absolutely certain that the chosen casino offers Ucash also known as Ukash to make a deposit in.

Deposit in a UCash Casino

When one has made sure that the casino accepts Ucash as a way to make a deposit, all one needs to do to make a deposit into the player's account is to go to the cashier's section. Then one has to choose the deposit option preferred to make a deposit, in this case, Ucash, and enter the 19-digit pin code available on the voucher itself. The last thing to do is to follow step by step the instructions given by the cashier. These instructions might be to fill in some details, like age, for verification of the person's age, since Ucash does not have an age restriction to be purchased, and casinos do not allow minor gambling.

So easy, and so safe, with no financial details given out and at risk for fraud. But when making a deposit into a casino or into any gambling site in which one desires to make a deposit, using Ucash, it is mostly important to remember that Ucash and Ukash are one and the same. This means that some or most of the online casinos and other gambling sites might refer to Ucash as Ukash so check and make sure if the gambling site you have chosen offers one or the other.

UCash Casino