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What is UCash

The most important thing to know about Ucash is that Ucash may also be found as Ukash, which are one and the same. So if one desires to, like for example make deposit into an online casino with Ucash and this is not found in their deposit options, one should check if they offer Ukash, this is because the only difference between them is the spelling. Ucash is a quick, simple and anonymous way to make an online payment; it is also a good substitute for cash. Ucash is delivered to you as a ready to spend voucher with a 19-digit code. One does not need a credit card, a debit card, or a bank account or even to be of a certain age to get a Ucash voucher. The only thing one needs is cash, so as to be able to exchange cash for the Ucash voucher.

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If a person is looking for a secure and easy way to make  a payment for something bought online, or to pay a service online or even to make a deposit online Ucash is the online payment option to use. One does not need to give out any kind of financial information when using Ucash also known as Ukash, so this gives the person who is using it privacy and security. It also gives empowerment to the person who is using it, since Ucash comes only in certain different amounts as a voucher; one is also able to spend how much one wants no more and no less. Ucash is also a flexible way to make a payment or a deposit, this is because it can be split or combined with other vouchers, so as to be able to make a smaller payment or a bigger one, as one desires. The Ucash voucher can also be converted in multiple other currencies if necessary.

Ucash is available for all people of the world, due to it having no age restrictions for their buyers. This payment option can also be converted and used in different currencies and countries, over 20 countries to give an estimate. What is more, Ucash is convenient for all the above reasons and also because it can be obtained from over 275,000 physical locations and from online resellers as well. From coffee shops, kiosks to corner shops and reseller networks have the Ucash voucher available for their clients to exchange cash for this safe and easy to use online payment option.

Wat is UCash

Ucash is an established international company that provides an alternative way for people to pay for goods or services or to make an online deposit into an online casino. Ucash was invented so as to provide to people an alternative for cash money so as to be able to pay online in a safe and easy way. Ucash is operated by Smart Voucher LTD, which is regulated by the United Kingdom's Financial Services Authority as an Electronic Money Institution. It also has to operate under the European Law since the United Kingdom is part of the European Union.

The technology behind Ucash is protected by several patents registered across the Smart Voucher database and functionality, which is as such protected by Patent Law in all the major economies of the whole world. If one would like to contact Ucash then one has to use one of the following contact details provided below: Smart Voucher LTD. t/a Ucash/Ukash, 5-7 Tanner Street, London SE1 3LE, United Kingdom. Fax is available on; +44 (0) 20 7089 4072, by phone with; 0808 234 6244 or by e-mail via their website.

UCash Casino